We cover a variety of benefits when you are pregnant which includes, healthcare professionals, home stays, home births and antenatal classes.

For more information about what you are covered for, you may refer to the cover for pregnancy and childbirth document.

Below is a summary of what Netcare Medical Scheme covers during your pregnancy and for the first six (6) weeks post-delivery. We encourage you to familiarise yourself with these benefits so that you can get the most out of your medical scheme.

Antenatal consultations at a Gynaecologist or General Practitioner
  • Up to 13 extra consultations depending on the time of registration on the maternity care programme
Ultrasound scans
  • Two (2) 2D ultrasounds during your consultations
  • A 4D ultrasound between 28 - 32 weeks when you book your bed at a Netcare hospital (DSP)

Antenatal classes

  • R1 000 per pregnancy at a baby clinic located within a Netcare


  • 100% of Netcare Medical Scheme tariff at any Netcare Pharmacy (Medicross) or Pharmacross
  • Supplements are subject to a formulary and will be paid from your maternity benefit
Baby immunisations for a newborn registered on the Scheme
  • At any DSP
  • According to the Department of Health protocol
  • Paid from the risk benefit if at a DSP
  • Includes the MMR vaccine
  • First vaccination in the ward at a designated service provider (DSP)
  • Excludes the HPV vaccine
Confinement at a DSP
  • 100% of Netcare Medical Scheme tariff at a DSP and subject to managed care rules and protocols
  • One (1) baby gift bag
  • Baby picture on the Netcute website
  • Assistance with birth registration (this differs from hospital to hospital)
  • First Well Baby Clinic check-up two weeks after discharge for milestone check
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