We cover you for cancer treatment on the Oncology Programme. Please let us know as soon as you are diagnosed with cancer so that we can register you on the Oncology Programme. This will help you get the most out of your oncology benefits. 

Benefits of the Oncology Programme:

  • Full cover for approved cancer-related treatment in and out of hospital. Cover for pathology, radiology, medicine and other cancer-related treatment provided by other healthcare professionals
  • Access to donor searches for bone marrow transplants.

Any cancer-related treatment that falls within the Prescribed Minimum Benefits is always covered in full, with no co-payment if you use service providers who we have an agreement with.

You need to register for the Oncology Programme

You or your treating doctor can register for the Oncology Programme by submitting a copy of your histology or pathology results.

 Contact the Oncology team:


HIV and AIDS can be a sensitive matter, whether one has the condition or not. Our skilled and professional consultants respect your right to privacy and will help you get access to clinically sound and cost-effective treatment for your individual case.

We will always deal with each case with complete confidentiality.

To register on the HIVCare Programme

Benefits of our HIVCare Programme include:

Pre-exposure prophylaxis

Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection is the use of antiretroviral (ART) drugs by HIV-negative people before potential exposure to prevent the acquisition of HIV. You have cover for ART treatment, limited pathology and consultants with your doctor

Post exposure prophylaxis

You will also receive cover in the form of antireroviral treatment and limited pathology and consultations with a doctor for post exposure prophylaxis after potential exposure in the case of occupational injury, e.g. needle stick injury, sexual assault, accidental contact with HIV contaminated body fluids, e.g. trauma

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